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Complementary Therapies

to Improve Your Life

Health -Abundance-Love-Protection

Improve Your Life

Welcome! This is Christina and I am here to help you unlock and heal the underlying root causes of your emotional and physical issues. I am here to help you find the power within you. You can rely on me because I understand the obstacles you often find in your road, which you don't always know how to overcome. But now you know! By reading this, you are already taking the first step. By using a Holistic Solutions based approach, I can help you achieve your goals and bring you a step closer to happiness and fulfillment. Invest in yourself and awaken your potential to heal, grow and thrive with no apologies because your self belongs to you. 

See your life Transform.. the time is NOW!!!


Invest in You!

Christina Christodoulou

Master Teacher Usui, Karuna Reiki®, Angelic® Reiki

Certified Crystal Therapist Holistic Counselor

Embrace the transformation and experience the change with our handcrafted, exclusive products

Find the Aromatherapy Spray, the Talisman or Pendulum you are looking for...
I create the sprays myself, infused with my best intentions and Reiki energy to help you acquire whatever you need.
Handcrafted in Egypt, activated and charged in sacred temples and pyramids, they are a powerhouse of positive energy.
Handcrafted in Egypt, activated and charged in sacred temples and pyramids, our pendulums are extremely powerful and effective.
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